Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: this mode will give you nice  results in many shooting conditions and it gives you white balance and focus and flash

Portrait Mode: this mode will focus on the object your taking a picture of  Portrait mode works best when you’re photographing a single subject so get in close enough to your subject

macro mode: Macro mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture and it also built’s your flash

Landscape Mode:This mode is almost the exact opposite of portrait mode in that it sets the camera up with a small aperture

Sports mode: this mode gives your phots action , and makes your pictures fast or slow  by attempting to pre focus your camera on a spot where the subject will be when you want to photograph it

night mode:creates slow shutter spead and gives low light on your photos well balanced shot you should use a tripod or your background

movie mode:This mode extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones. Keep in mind that moving images take up significantly more space

aperture priority mode :This mode is really a semi-automatic (or semi-manual) mode where you choose the aperture and where your camera chooses the other settings and it gives good lighting to your photos and balances it very well

shutter priority mode : this mode is very similar to the priority mode it gives very good mode and has great white balance

program mode:camera’s manual for how the Program mode differs from Automatic in your particular model.

manual mode: this mode takes full control on your camera and makes it focus very well on your subject as well and has great composion



Picture Collage

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1.these pictures have good composition and i love the colors of these 2.i think i edit my photos okay , im still a beginner 3.i would edit this more and make it look more pro 4.i need more improvement on my photos so little by little but i hope i make it to the blog page

How to use dslr

1.Mirror system inside lets you preview through the viewfinder the same image that is being captured on film/sensor vs. zoom lenses

3.kit lens

4.zoom vs. focus – don’t get them confused

5.AF (autofocus) vs. MF (manual focus)

6.​Now used to describe sensitivity of digital sensors in digital cameras

7.HIGH ISO value means the sensor will be MORE sensitive to light, meaning it will take LESS LIGHT to get the right exposure

8.choose the correct ISO for your shooting situation

9. higher speed to capture fast action 

10.hutter speed: how long the shutter is open

11.So, your shutter speed should be double 
your frame rate

12.Typical NTSC frame rate is 30 frames per second shake: occurs with a shutter speed slower than 1/ [focal length] of a second

14smaller number actually represents a larger opening

15he denominator becomes the f-stop number

16longer lenses APPEAR to have a shallower depth of field because they are magnifying 

17hallower depth of field because they are magnifying the subject, which flattens the perspective and makes our eyes think the DOF is shallower


  • mount
  • prime or zoom  
  • series

19maximum aperture

20focal length(s)


  • Most cameras have presets:
  •  daylight, cloudy, flash, various 
    indoor lights

22Setting the “correct” white balance setting tells the camera how to make your whites

23everything BUT lets you choose brightness, 

24Mirror system inside lets you preview through the viewfinder the same image that is being captured on film/sensor

25depth of field, picture style by pressing the Q button


Photography Article

What i learned in this article was that you need to Pull back a bit and give more information to the viewer. Using a wider focal length includes some of the larger scene. most of the time most of the collections will have a human element .People identify with others and by including a portrait in your collection, your audience can emotionally leap into your narrative. There is small detail in every scene that most overlook. Whether it is the trampled confetti on a dance floor or the untied lace of a child’s shoe, the magic is often captured in the minutia. for your photos to come out a black and white filter people usually call it contrast .Have you ever been to a tourist hotspot and seen a clump of photographers pointing their 70-200mm lenses in the same direction .To make your photography stand out and to improve the interest of your collection, shoot variations that other photographers fail to notice. action shots are very good for crux photos for any story., the best shots are captured before and after that moment. , the best shots are captured before and after that moment. he next time you hit the export button, make sure that you are telling a greater story by producing variations and presenting them as a collection. the next time you hit the export button, make sure that you are telling a greater story by producing variations and presenting them as a collection.

to shoot every other variation first so that there is the scaffolding on which to build a larger story. Many photographers concentrate on leaving a shoot with that one glorious image. However, it is rare that a single picture is powerful enough to tell a larger story. begin to devote energy to the search of multiple frames that can be pieced into a collection that relates a much more interesting overview of your subject.



I did this surrealism Photo because its very a very unreal photo and shoot to have a car in the middle of the stadium . I also like this car its cute and old and looks very vintage , and the stadium is very nice and the sky and color of the grass gives a pop of color to this photo . if i had more time i would’ve edited it and made the colors pop more but i added some shine in the car for it an stand out. Another thing i like about this is that this is very strange and people really wouldn’t thinks about this . This is my surrealism photo