The blue sky

The meaning HDR is high dynamic range , there usually high dynamic range as well or usually wide , this can be used for photos , videos , and also audio and act which means there is a lot of variation in light levels within a scene or an image , this also means you can add photos into 1 and add lots of cool saturation .

Read and write about strobes

This article is about learning the differences about the types of light and the daily basics about light and also light rooms Lighting equipment can fall into one of three major types of this like, the light sources themselves, modifiers that control the spread of light, and grips or stands that support the lights. Professional studio light sources generally fall into one of two categories: you can get a kit with a flash head and a power pack, or you can get a moonlight kit. i love light room because the photos come out amazing on this type of room and tech of it as well.

A head and power pack kit consists of the flash head and a small power pack that acts as the generator that supplies energy to the flash head. The flash head contains flash tubes that emit light once supplied with high voltages, i always think flash makes photos come out with a better photo and a bright compos ion  symmetric power packs and assymetric power packs. Symmetric power packs split power equally between multiple flash heads. Assymetric power packs allow the user to vary the power supply to different flash heads.


similarities :simply looking for software that will allow you to alter, tweak, and enhance your photographs, either one will suffice. Both are capable of handling multiple file types such as: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and a perennial favorite of many photographers, RAW.

different :One of the most significant ways in which Lightroom is different from Photoshop is that it does not actually edit photos, nor does it move your images around to different locations on your computer. adobe light room doesnt need any editing on there photos and only occurs pin its photos and not like light room


Jump start your Photography

1.always have fun

2. be happy of what you created

3. it can be incredibly difficult to stay inspired when you’re chained to your computer 24/7

4.The mood the artist created with her instrument inspired me to use colored gels, and the vibration of the strings inspired me to use a slow shutter.”

5.Then there is the challenge of the client’s “must-have” shots related to the venue.

6. print on the walls of the venue’s lobby, the second photograph is what I captured when I turned my back to the brochure arch.”

7. creating for other creatives in a more fluid and creative space

8. More than inspiration, I find time to take a break from the everyday rush.

9. think better and find creativity when I stop and breathe

10.draw creativity because my mind, body, & soul are in a constant state of abundance.”

11.prioritize taking care of myself from the inside out, which means eating wholistic & clean

12. be less stress when you are taking photos

13.dont rush yourself to be perfect

14.everything takes time and just trust your process

15.which means I can get creative with lighting, posing, colors, backgrounds, props, etc. and every shoot is so different

16.shoot is to make sure that I go into every shoot well-rested

17.solid physical shape.

18.taking pictures that you would take regardless of the outcome

19.document moments that matter to me

20. couples with any kind of leaves that are bright and beautiful.

conceptual self portrait

My name is Joceline  . I love flowers , flowers can be represented in many ways and come in all different ways and can show emotions , i think a flower can represent me in a lot of types of ways because im a very emotional person and my mood can change in many ways and so quick as well , sometimes in days i can be very drained and not very bright and other days i can bloom and be bright all day , flowers are very beautiful as well in there own unique way , never judge a flower from its look or meaning of way in life


1. I like the color blue 2. I’m always on the phone 3.I’m a funny person 4.i like to have fun 5. i like taking pictures 6. i’m a nice person 7. i like to do silly things  8. my phone 9. i’m confident 10.i like to pose when the camera is on me 11. i love taking pictures of certain things 12. i’m a very weird person 13. im not social person 14. i like to party 15. i like to spend time with friends